This Machine is utilized to spray oil / fat on the Biscuits using the spinning Disc after the biscuits have been baked in the oven. This Machine sprays a very fine & thin Layer of coating of oil / fat on the Biscuits. The Quantity of Spray of Oil / Fat can be controlled accurately. The Coating of Oil is Uniform & Even Shine on the biscuits across theentire bandwidth. Thereby enhancing the quality of Biscuits by providing a uniform smoothness & shine on the biscuits.

The number of spinning discs provided in the machine varies in accordance to the band size of the biscuit plant. The Spinning Discs rotate a very high speed. When the oil is sprayed on the discs, the oil forms a uniform, thin & fine layer. Hence when the oil is sprayed on the biscuits there is a very uniform & fine coating on the biscuits.