Milk Spray Unit - Spinning Disc Type - this machine is used to spray Milk on the unbaked Biscuits. This unit sprays as very thin and fine layer of coating of milk on the biscuits.The coating of the milk on the biscuit is uniform across the entire bandwidth, thereby enhancing shine.

smoothness of the biscuits. Spinning discs are provided in this unit to spray milk

No of disk vary in accordance to the band size of the biscuit plant. The spinning disc rotate at a very high speed , the advantage using of using this spray unit over the conventional type of spray units.

  1. This unit provides flexibility as the percentage of milk sprayed on biscuits can be controlled accurately
  2. There is no formation of mist thereby enhancing the hygiene factor of the plant.
  3. The wasteage of milk is marginalised as excess milk is sent back to the milk tank for recircultion
  4. The uniform Shine & Smoothness across the entire bandwidth of the biscuits ensures the enhancement of quality & also marginalising the rejection rate of biscuits.