The Flour Duster Unit is used in the Biscuit Manufacturing Industry. This Equipment is used to Sprinkle Fat, Flour & Ammonia on the Sheets of Dough in the laminator.

The Flour Duster Unit is primarily used in the Hard Dough Variety of Dough, which is used to make biscuits.

The Primary usage of the Flour Duster unit is for the dusting of a thin film or layer of flour, either on the Amolding rolls through which dough is required to pass, or on the dough itself as it passes through the rolls, to prevent the dough from sticking to the surface of the rolls.

The Flour Unit Duster – Consisting of M.S. Side Frame of 30 mm Thickness, Effective Width – 1.0 mm of the frame, Effective Flour Dusting Width – 1.0 Metre. Kibbler Roller of 1.0 Metre is provided.

The equipment is placed on the layering table of the Laminator. As sheets of Dough are deposited on the layering table. The Flour Duster Unit intermittently sprinkles the Flour on to each sheet of Dough.